The Lucky Tripler

The Lucky Tripler

I'm excited to share a new song called "The Lucky Tripler" 

It's the first song from my upcoming full-band new record, featuring Dave Chalfant (guitar), Jeff Hobbs (keyboard), Ray Mason (bass), and Jason Smith (drums). Dave also produced, mixed, and mastered this song and the record, which will be out soon.

For now, I hope you enjoy this "scratch ticket love song." Here's where you can get it or listen:

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Dave Chalfant: electric guitar
Dennis Crommett: vocals, acoustic guitar
Ray Mason: bass
Jason Smith: drums

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Dave Chalfant at Norfolk Studios, in Northampton, MA. 

Jeff Hobbs will also appear on the record on keyboards. Photo by Joanna Chattman.



Good fortune follows us in time, does it not?
But I win and I lose day to day.
Put a blanket on my life, fast cash, when i scratch,
when i scratch, scratch, scratch.

My friend Bill Jocko hits sometimes, does he not?
When he wins, he loses a couple days.
She filled the driveway with all his things, and closed her eyes
and waved goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

I hope you get lucky,
1 2 3 times
and 3 2 1
I hope it becomes a life of love

Good fortune found me just in time, did it not?
I was ready to throw my chips away
she puts a blanket down, and closes her eyes
and now I'm on fire, fire, fire